Aviation photos by Andrew Martin

Welcome to my aviation photo gallery. I have been taking photos of aircraft for a number of years at various locations around the world.I hope to add more shots as I continue to scan my slide collection.

  • Boeing 707

    40 photos

    The Boeing 707’s origins lay in the Boeing 367-80 which first flew on the 15th of July 1954. Due to customer demands and the commercial threat from Douglas with their similar DC-8, Boeing decided to widen the fuselage to accommodate a 3 by 3 seating arrangement. The first ‘true’ Boeing 707 took to the skies on the 20th of December 1957 and Pan Am inaugurated commercial services with the 707 on the 26th October 1958 with a flight from New York to Paris. Very few original 707’s remain active today, the Israeli Air Force possibly the largest user of the type currently.

  • Boeing 717

    3 photos

    When the ailing McDonnell Douglas company merged with Boeing in 1997 Boeing maintained production of the MD-95 line renaming it the Boeing 717 in the process.

  • Boeing 720

    8 photos

    The Boeing 720 was a shorter and lighter development of the Boeing 707-120 specifically for use on short to medium range flights from shorter runways. 154 examples were built and the last flight of a 720 took place on the 29th September 2010.

  • Boeing 727

    12 photos

  • Boeing 737

    55 photos

    The Boeing 737 made its maiden flight in April 1967 and is still in production almost 50 years later. The original series 100 model entered service with Lufthansa in February 1968 but this version was soon replaced on the production line with the larger -200 model. Only 30 series 100 aircraft were built, the majority being delivered to launch customer Lufthansa.

  • Boeing 747

    31 photos

  • Boeing 747SP

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  • Boeing 757

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  • Boeing 767

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  • Boeing 777

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  • Boeing 787

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