Aviation photos by Andrew Martin

Welcome to my aviation photo gallery. I have been taking photos of aircraft for a number of years at various locations around the world.I hope to add more shots as I continue to scan my slide collection.

The Boeing 720 was a shorter and lighter development of the Boeing 707-120 specifically for use on short to medium range flights from shorter runways. 154 examples were built and the last flight of a 720 took place on the 29th September 2010.
    3273 hits
  • HZ-KA12 HZ-KA12
    2896 hits
  • HZ-KA4 HZ-KA4
    2949 hits
    2805 hits
  • 9H-AAO 9H-AAO
    2678 hits
  • 9H-AAL 9H-AAL
    2734 hits
  • 9H-AAK 9H-AAK
    2895 hits
  • 4X-JYG 4X-JYG
    3028 hits